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When problems occur we handle it!
You can count on professional handling of your home issues. We notify you of any problems and make recommendations to correct them. We put our knowledge of community trades people to work for you. We will get bids for you or simply organize the necessary service, meet with the repair person and admit them into your home. We will stay until the repair person has completed his/her work, set alarms and lock up following their departure. We can also send digital photo of problems or completed repairs by email. In any event, the homeowner is the person who decides who to hire and what exact repair is to be done and how much money is to be spent. The homeowner has full control and the final say, regarding the satisfaction or outcome of work completed. Sedona Home Watch Services merely carries out the homeowners wishes. We become your eyes, ears and voice, when you can not be here to manage your home details.


When a crisis occurs, (and they do!) you will be glad it isn’t your neighbor watching over your home! You will have peace of mind because you have a professional service in place to handle these upsetting events. There is no worry with Sedona Home Watch Services!

A crisis is handled on the spot. There may not be time to call the homeowner to get pre-approval for expenditures in this case. The main concern in a crisis is to get the situation under control as fast as possible. You will be called as soon as it is feasible. Many times a homeowner can not be reached immediately and the situation can not wait. We have saved further destruction of homes by fast action. Your crisis may need an immediate plumber, electrician, sewer technician, handyman, police or fire department response before we can locate you. We competently handle any crisis. This is one of the qualities you will want from a home service company like ours. When hiring a “home watcher” always ask yourself whether the company/person you are hiring can efficiently handle emergency situations? This is what separates a professional service from the local person who “watches homes on the side.” We focus solely on our business and we have the highest reputation to prove it!


References: We will happily forward references upon request.

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